Jesse Reed

Hi!   My name is Jesse,

First I want to say it has been great honor to serve God and travel with DHM.  This ministry is more than just a ministry; DHM is truly the hands of God extended.  I always feel such great anointing, purpose, and a sense of belonging when I am traveling with DHM.  I truly have never felt the love of God more in any other place than in the Holy Ghost lead services of DHM.

I believe God is calling a generation to rise up and rebuild a broken down and nearly defeated church.  He is searching the hearts of man to find somebody with a heart of a King ready for battle.  The church today has been oppressed, attacked, and wounded by the enemy thus causing oppression, pain, and discouragement.  God is calling those who are willing to forsake all, take up their cross, and prepare for WAR!  There is a war on the frontlines and it is a war over our souls, a war over our families, a war that has been waged with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who is Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God.  The devil takes no prisoners, he is out to steal, kill, destroy and I have had enough of the devil and all his imps coming against the children of God and having his way.  Today I will serve the Lord and I will answer the call upon my life to build, restore, and defend the Kingdom of God at all costs.

I know we are living in the last days, when I see a generation that hate God, they hate the truth, they hate righteousness, and they hate holiness.  Many come and say, I love God and I will serve him and I will worship him, but their hearts are far from him.  I don’t blame many for this attitude because somewhere down the line the men of God have slowly lost the will to do what is necessary to make provision for the next generation.   We need to bring back the power of God working in our churches and in our homes if we are going to break through and touch this generation for Jesus Christ. Today Jesus Christ is the savior but there is coming a day when he will no longer be a savior but a judge.  We need to work while it is still day because the night is coming when no one will be able.

Sometimes we can seem to lose sight of what is important while we are here on this earth.  We can seem to get caught up in this life and chase dreams, prosperity, pleasures of this world, fame, acceptance, etc. but these are all distractions set before us as stumbling blocks to keep us from building the Kingdom of God.  Our life on this earth is just a vapor here one second and gone the next.  I know that we are here for a greater purpose than to build a kingdom upon this earth that is built by hands.  The kingdoms of this earth will all perish.  We are here to build the Kingdom of God and to worship Him in spirit and in truth till the day we are called home.  God is calling us today to choose which kingdom we will build, the kingdom of the earth or the kingdom of God.  Both are not an option.

God asked me a long time ago to choose this day who you will serve, and where you’ll call home.  I was a young man bound by sin and felt as if I were in a prison being tormented with fear, guilt and sorrow; but God loved me and called me to follow Him.  The best decision of my life was to receive Jesus Christ as my savior because it was in that moment I was set free and filled with joy, peace and love. God didn’t just save me but He has given me a work to do also. He has anointed me for service giving me the power in Jesus Christ to take this community, to take this city, to take this state, to take this country, and to this world for Jesus!  I owe God my life and I will do what he has called me to do no matter the cost.  All Glory, Honor and Praise be unto our God forever!  Amen!

God Bless,
Jesse Reed 


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